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Talkabout Two way radios

2 way radio dealersWith a lot information on the net about walkie talkie gps combo’s it’s hard to discover the best and most honest articles. here’s an article from a reputable blog that i believe as factual, do not quote me on it but please read and enjoy

There are various sorts of walkie talkies ranging from kids radios to the expert type radios. These radios aid you to acquire two way conversation in between individuals in kilometers of radius. nnLittle ones Walkie TalkiennChildren walkie talkie are beautiful toys that are enjoyable for the kids. These gizmos are gentle and created from plastic. They appear in colorful little ones colors and designs that are thrilling to kids. They are battery driven both by double or triple A batteries. The walkie talkies radios for kids will generally be two way and come in a set of two and they cover a radius of fifty to two hundred meters. The kids can use this to engage in about the residence and it can be great exciting for the children. No matter whether it is cover and find, position plays and other little ones games, the walkie talkies radios will be an exhilaration for equally your kids and for your self. Some people will also use two way walkie talkies radios to examine on a toddler in mattress or to keep the toddler very as you do your other chores. Some of the favorites for youngsters engage in radios incorporate 50 m large good quality kids walkie talkie established, the Interphone walkie talkie toy and the phone formed kids walkie talkies radios. nnWalkie Talkie for Senior Citizens and InvalidsnnWalkie talkie are also ideal for individuals who are mattress ridden at home or for senior citizens who might demand home care. The walkie talkies radios established can be used for conversation amongst the invalid or the senior citizen and the property treatment nurse. This way, if the nurse is attending to other property chores and the invalid requirements focus, they can talk in excess of the walkie talkie. The walkie talkie can be tied to the waistline or at a hassle-free area that is easily available. The radius for this variety of walkie talkie should selection among two hundred meters and one thousand meters to guarantee that the nurse can be contacted any time irrespective of exactly where they are in the house. Some of the walkie talkies radios you can use for this goal include Wouxun KG-659 128 Memory, Linton LH-five hundred 400-470MHz sixteen Channel, Linton 6000 two way radio, FT 6600 Talkabout or the FT 2688 Talkabout walkie talkies radios. nnExpert Walkie Talkie for Stability Corporations and Taxi CorporationsnnSome experts like security corporations, social gathering stability volunteers or small scale taxi businesses may possibly call for two way walkie talkies radios to talk with the main business office or with other people. The two way walkie talkie hand sets need to enable for greatest distance protection especially when contemplating taxi procedure walkie talkies. Some of the walkie talkies radios obtainable for specialist use contain four hundred-470MHz 100 Channels Electronic Liquid crystal display Walkie Talkie Wouxun KG-679 seven.4V hand held Walkie Talkie Talkabout BF-5118 that is each h2o evidence and shock proof and that has an Liquid crystal display show for menu and other functions, Mini Liquid crystal display hand held UHF four hundred-470MHz Walkie Talkie PX-2R, 16Channel 2200mAh hand held Walkie Talkie Talkabout BF-350 and the WOUXUN KG-689 128 Channel Rechargeable Two Way Radio 400-470MHz. These types of walkie talkies radios are innovative and exclusively increased for use in professional firms. There are a lot of customizable characteristics and changes that can be utilized for much more convenient use.


The Walkie Talkie; Uses In The Private And Commercial Spheres

two way radio hands freeYou’ve probably stumbled upon this looking for information about walkie talkie zello’s, hopefully this will help you answer some of those questions, if not please click on one of the relevant links within the article

The walkie talkie radio is a device that has enabled communication across the airwaves in all manner of businesses and industry sectors. Most people however imagine the use of the walkie talkie to be limited to children playing, although the image from films, with the good guy conversing with the evil criminal over the radio is also a common occurrence.

The use of this form of radio however is widespread and in many cases has been key to the development of society, the protection of freedom and just values. For instance; if it was not for the walkie talkie it would not have been possible for the allies to encroach upon continental Europe and secure the culmination of the Second World War.

As well as the military applications of the two way radio, in the protection of civil liberties it has also played an important role. The police and other law enforcement bodies all use hand held radios for communicative purposes, if they did not have this device it is likely that response times and effectiveness would be seriously limited. In fact this was the first proposed use of the mobile radio; an Australian policeman invented a portable radio that took up the entirety of the backseat of a car enabling officers to communicate with the headquarters allowing for greater operational effectiveness.

Typically the walkie talkie radio is a hand held device that has a switch enabling the operative to talk to other users. The use of the term walkie talkie however is a misnomer; originally the phrase referred to the back pack radios often worn by military personnel. In most cases, in the modern sense the device is a small handheld model that resembles a telephone in many ways but with an aerial on the top; although with the addition of a headset and mouthpiece the device can be completely concealed.

For commercial uses companies are advised to buy licensed models as these are more robust and have specific frequencies allocated to them. For private use, cheaper unlicensed versions are a preferable option.

The walkie talkie radio has wide and diverse applications in many industries. Builders and construction workers utilise the devices in order to control operations on site whilst security personnel, in locations such as shopping centres and nightclubs can also use them to ensure troublemakers are kept under control. In addition, businesses that have personnel scattered across large areas, such as event management companies can also utilise hand held radios for efficient communication. Normally the radios used in these instances are the more expensive variety, due to the fact that it is often a matter of public safety that they operate effectively.

That is not to say that the walkie talkie radio purely has applications in the commercial sphere, many private users find them a handy addition for a variety of leisure activities. One instance would be where a group of adventurers are heading out on an expedition; in many wilderness areas it is often not a possibility to use cell phones as the network coverage is so poor, hence a hand held device is the ideal way to maintain communication between members of the party.

Hopefully this article has given consumers and idea of the types of walkie talkies out there. If buying for the commercial sphere it is usually worth investing a little more whereas if the device is to be used purely as a child’s plaything a cheaper model is a viable option. Whatever the choice, one thing is certain; the handheld radio has changed communication for good, allowing real time converse and greater operational ability.


Policymakers need to ask hard questions about emergency Walkie Talkie equipment

When we found this informative article we were so excited, having searched for over one year for this, discovering it on this site was an exciting day for yours truly.

Since the 9/11 attack, the nation has spent billions to upgrade radio systems so that police, firefighters and other first responders can communicate seamlessly in emergencies.

The ambitious taxpayer-funded undertaking has afforded rich business opportunities, particularly for Illinois-based Motorola Solutions.

As McClatchy reporters detailed last week, Motorola Solutions has solidified its position as the leading provider of emergency communications gear by using shrewd business practices, hiring top law enforcement insiders, and spending heavily on campaigns, lobbying and charities favored by its customers.

Motorola sells a vital service. No tools are more important in a disaster than reliable communication devices.
But the investigation led by McClatchy Washington Bureau reporter Greg Gordon, part of which ran in The Bee last Sunday, raises basic questions: Is Motorola’s equipment so much better than motorola walkie talkies offered by competitors that cities and counties are justified in granting it no-bid contracts worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars?

Motorola sells communications equipment used in New York, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, the Sacramento region, and many points in between. But how has Motorola come to control 80 percent of the market?

In Sacramento County and in other locales, Motorola effectively shut out competitors by embedding proprietary features so its equipment cannot interact with radios made by other companies.

Sacramento County officials told The Bee’s editorial board that they are pleased with Motorola products, that the equipment is cost-effective, and that Motorola was the one company that could meet specifications for the radios.

Sacramento County pays $3,500 to $4,000 each for Motorola radios. Other locales have paid as much as $7,500. Competing products performing to similar specifications can cost thousands of dollars less.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors authorized the contract with Motorola. But given the importance of emergency communications, and the issues raised by the McClatchy series, the board owes it to taxpayers to take a second look at the exclusive arrangement.

Motorola Solutions offers a case study in how big business gets bigger. It surrounds itself with rainmakers, many of whom are former top law enforcement officials.

Its board has included former CIA and National Security Agency chief Michael Hayden and, until recently, William Bratton, the former chief of the Los Angeles and Boston police departments, who has returned to New York City for a second stint as police commissioner.

After radios failed in the Hurricane Katrina disaster of 2005, then-Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour set out to vastly improve the communications system. Motorola won Mississippi’s business with bid prices so low that competitors were dumbfounded, McClatchy reported.

Barbour, a former chair of the Republican National Committee and Republican Governors Association, left office in 2012 and returned to his Washington, D.C., lobby firm, BGR Group. Among the new clients: Motorola Solutions, which has paid BGR Group $200,000 since 2012, reports compiled by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics show. Motorola said in a statement that it is proud to have Barbour on its team.

The company spends $2 million to $3 million a year on lobbying in Washington, and more in state capitals. The nonpartisan National Institute on Money in State Politics has identified 310 lobbyists registered to represent Motorola in the states.

Motorola is a significant campaign donor to federal and state politicians, and law enforcement and firefighter foundations, spreading goodwill to its customer base by, for example, pledging $15 million to the National Law Enforcement Museum, due to open in Washington in 2016.

It works out well for Motorola Solutions. Thanks to government contracts and taxpayer money, Motorola Solutions’ net income grew to $1.1 billion last year, from $747 million in 2011. Its stock price hovers at $65 a share, after falling to below $15 a share in 2009.

Building two-way radio networks is lucrative. But it’s not rocket science. Federal, state and local policymakers need to ask hard questions, starting with why contracting officials award sole-source contracts that benefit the industry Goliath and freeze out the competition.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/04/06/6296990/editorial-policymakers-need-to.html#storylink=cpy


I Chat, You Chat, but WeChat Is the Way to Be

communication device hardware componentWithout giving too much about this Walkie talkie piece of writing, but I found it fascinating and significant to what Im currently doing.
Developed by Tencent Technology, WeChat is not just another messaging app on the block.
You can do much more than just chatting with this app. WeChat recently launched an e-commerce service. Users can buy and sell products through the app interface. This messaging application also comes with stylish new stickers, avatars and funny icon sets. You can customize the look of WeChat the way you want. The app also lets you pay for your shopping with its integrated e-payment facility. WeChat is already popular in Russia, South East Asia and India. It is all set to dominate the global market.
Whats So Exciting about WeChat?
You can do a lot more than exchanging text and voice messages via WeChat. For instance, try using the Moments feature. Access Moments by clicking on the Discover tab and then selecting Moments. Next, you will get three options. You can either take a new photo, choose existing photos from your mobile gallery or you can share your Facebook photos. Choose your preferred option and your photo will be shared with your friends across Facebook and Twitter. However, you will need to link both the SNS accounts with your WeChat profile. Sharing your moments sure makes WeChat exciting!
Shake to Make Friends
WeChat uses your phones location service and lets you add new friends with just a shake. You can access this feature from the Discover tab. Select the Shake function and click OK on the Reminder screen. Now give a gentle shake to your device and people who are shaking at the same time will be added to your friend list. This innovation has wowed users and has earned huge fan-following for WeChat! You can also add your own friends in your WeChat list just by shaking your phones together. This Shake feature became so popular that other messaging apps felt compelled to follow the WeChat path and integrate this function into their messenger applications.
Go the Walkie Talkie Way
Have you ever seen those heavy, army class walkie talkie devices? As a kid, many of us have dreamt of owning a pair of such gizmos. Now, you can enjoy talking the Motorola 2 way radio way with your smartphone. WeChat allows you to do just that with its 2 way radio feature. You can access this feature by hitting the + icon and then clicking on Walkie Talkie. The moment you hit the button, your group will be automatically notified about your Walkie Talkie invitation. Now, just hold the big talk button at the center of the screen close to your mouth and start talking when the indicator turns green. It is a real life Walkie Talkie experience. And it is fun too! The group can listen to you live as you speak. However, in this mode, only one person is allowed to talk and others should be listeners. You can simply exit this mode by clicking on the Quit button at the upper left corner of the screen.

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